Tips and tricks for your stay in Rio

How much should you tip? What should you pack? Everything you need to know before you go

Environment & Climate

The Olympics will take place during Brazil’s winter months, so how warm is it actually in Rio? And how’s the water temperature if you want to hang out at the beach? Get the facts here.

Getting around Rio

Experienced traveler or first time abroad? Either way it can be difficult to navigate through a new city. Therefore we have gathered some practical info about traveling in Rio de Janeiro.

Travel Tips

Travelling often ensues a great deal to keep in mind, and not least when going to Brazil and Rio. There are several things that can be useful to pay extra attention to.

Avoid being the victim

Rio is often considered a dangerous city, and yes, traveling in Rio can be entail some risk. It is therefore always a good idea to be prepared. Here is a summary of some things worth noting to avoid being the victim of crime.