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Is it safe to travel to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro?

The next big sporting event in Brazil is coming up, but many are worried about security. Stay on top of the game with Safeture – the security app that helps protect travelers and keeps you connected with family and friends. Here you will find an excerpt of all the information available in the app. The first 10,000 users who download or activate Safeture in Rio will receive the app for free during the Games. Enjoy everything Rio de Janeiro has to offer, Safeture will be there with the information you need. 

Zika – everything you need to know

The headlines regarding the Zika outbreak have been many and frankly scary. But how dangerous is Zika? Should you be scared of traveling to Brazil? Let’s get the facts straight.

Crime – how dangerous is Rio?

Rio de Janeiro has a reputation for being dangerous. But the situation has generally improved during recent years. Still, there are some things your should think about.

The short read – health concerns in Brazil

Traveling to Brazil entails several health concerns to consider. The country is especially prone to mosquito borne diseases, such the infamous Zika virus, and Dengue. Get the basic facts here.

Terrorism – is Rio prepared?

International terrorism is a growing threat and the risk associated with large gatherings has been showed not least by past incidents at global sporting events. What is Brazil’s risk?

Chikungunya – a new threat?

Amidst the headlines of the Zika virus, other infectious diseases have received little attention. This holds true also for Chikungunya – a virus few have even heard of.

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