Health concerns

Zika – everything you need to know

The headlines regarding the Zika outbreak have been many and frankly scary. But how dangerous is Zika? Should you be scared of traveling to Brazil? Let’s get the facts straight.

Chikungunya – a new threat?

Amidst the headlines of the Zika virus, other infectious diseases have received little attention. This holds true also for Chikungunya – a virus few have even heard of.

Dengue on the rise in Brazil

Dengue is one of the most spread diseases on the planet; with 50-100 million cases each year. The disease has long been an issue in Brazil, and the number of infected patients is increasing.

Yellow Fever – an old enemy

Yellow fever, known historically as yellow jack or yellow plague, has long afflicted humans in tropical regions. Around 30,000 people still die annually, the majority of them in Africa. So how big of a problem is it in Rio?


Malaria has long plagued sub-Saharan Africa with thousands of deaths each year. But it is also a risk factor in some parts of South America, including Brazil. Here you can learn everything you need to know about this mosquito borne parasite.

Air & Water pollution

Rio de Janeiro poses no major health risks in terms of air pollution, there is however reason to worry when considering the quality of water. The ocean water is continuously contaminated by sewage and toxic waste, while garbage floating around the shores is not a rare sight.

Chagas disease, Rabies and Typhoid

Take some time and read up on these three diseases. They are all present in Brazil, even though the risk that tourists will get infected is low. But if misfortune strikes it can be good to have the facts straight.