Global Warning System (GWS) has identified a need of directing travellers to the best and closest emergency treatment in case of injury or illness abroad. As our world becomes more globalized, the market for a such service grows as well. Therefore GWS has formed a subsidiary Carefindy AB.

Carefindy is offering a smartphone application consisting of a map with quality rated hospitals all over the world. The service helps people find the closest and best hospital in case of an emergency or acute illness when travelling. With the service provided by Carefindy, the users can always feel safe by knowing that they can be guided to quality assured health care if needed.

Today you can find the map direction even to a pizza hut. We claim everyone deserves the right to know the location of their closest quality graded hospital and the turn-by-turn directions to get there using your mobile phone. The GWS service Carefindy brings a clear message: “We find emergency care for you”.

Offline functionality

During catastrophes or major incidents, telecommunications are often overloaded. In combination with an impaired data connection, the traveller may end up in an unpleasant situation. Today there is no such solution that will guide people to the right hospitals when telecommunications or data traffic are overloaded. As a response, our service will also be accessible offline as a global hospital offline map. The service therefore adds further value to the customer as it will work even if the data traffic is down. This is an important aspect that will contribute to a high value both for customers and potential partners such as insurance companies.

Launched in conjunction with the Olympic Games in Brazil will be launched for the very first time in conjunction with the Olympic Games in Brazil as an integrated part of Global Warning Systems updated Olympic service.

Carefindy will be integrated with the GWS Safeture service and rolled out successively during 2016. Carefindy will also be provided as a consumer application and available directly for private individuals. The service will also be offered as integrated content to insurance companies, travel agencies and other organizations, thus giving them the opportunity to offer the service to their customers.

GWS was founded as a direct response to three major world events that its founder and chairman experienced first-hand or became directly involved with namely the tsunami in Thailand in 2004, the SARS outbreak in China in 2003, and the hotel killings in Mumbai, India in 2008. These incidents magnified how exposed travelers truly are and the lack of security and safety information systems became blatantly obvious.

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