Safeture - Personal security today

Safeture is a personal security solution that helps protect private and business travelers and keeps people connected with family, friends and colleagues while abroad. It provides travelers with real-time warnings, alerts and useful facts about security, safety and health threats as well as SOS response numbers for local countries. Wherever you go in the world, Safeture will provide you with information and direct notifications about security risks.

On this site you will find an excerpt of all the information available in the app about Rio de Janeiro. The first 10,000 users who download or activate Safeture on site in Rio will receive the app for free during the Games.

Safeture for business


Safeture services enable your company ‘s security officers and management to keep your employees safe and well informed — wherever and whenever they travel abroad.

Based on our unique technical solutions as well as expertise in security and health, Safeture services provide users with an overview of local area safety and health warnings and alerts. As important, they provide internationally active companies with integrated communications tools and an instant security desktop system that will help keep your personnel and assets safe in any surrounding. So you extend the degree of personal safety and care you deliver for you employees.

Integrated travel risk management solution

Safeture services integrate two security tools: the Safeture App and the Safeture Instant Security Overview (ISO) system. The app ensures personal security for traveling employees on the go. The ISO system gives your security teams a platform to access real-time information and data about traveling employees.

“I can’t keep track of our large group of traveling employees and I can’t keep track of everything that goes on in the world. With Safeture I get a notification SMS when something happens and immediate information on which colleagues I have on location. All information and positioning is automatic and delivered to me.”

Security manager

at a large International Corporation

“The Safeture app make me feel safe. It is like I’ve got a companion with me on the trip that looks after me and that I can turn to.  Just to get a welcome SMS with useful info and advice when I arrive in an unfamiliar country makes me, as a woman, feel safer.”

Traveling salesperson

for medium size company

“It is easy to activate multiple users. Just add a simple excel list of employees yourself and they immediately get an invite to activate the app and link to the system. When they’ve downloaded the app they are set to go; no maintenance for the users, no manual reporting, simple to activate and easy to use. ”

Security manager

for aid NGO