Nobody should be injured or face a life threatening situation because of lack of information.

If companies were to be described with one sentence, that would be the sentence describing us, Global Warning System (GWS), best. We are a Swedish company, established in 2009, providing mobile-based security service both on individual and corporate level.

Located in Lund’s innovation hub, Ideon, we have developed a unique mobile application that provides users with real-time information about events in the area where they are physically located.  These events include environmental, political, and civil events which might affect the user’s travel plans and safety.  GWS has already revolutionized the personal security market, developing frontline positioning capabilities which allows it to send the right information to the right users.

With the introduction of our Safeture application, we want travelers to do the traveling, while we worry about the safety. CEO Andreas Rodman explains: ‘Travel can be more wonderful and exciting than just about anything. But there are times when you should be watchful. We want to let you enjoy exploring and discovering. Safeture will be there with the information you need. We will send real-time, geo-localized information to you if something happens where you are. We let you keep track of the location of friends and family – both those accompanying you and those at home. You can travel. We will keep watch.”

Even though GWS is fairly young, we have managed to develop strategic partnerships with insurance, security, and travel management companies.  GWS is in a phase of global expansion, and we are aiming to be the leader in the field of travel risk management.

It is no secret that there are many security fears associated with the Olympics in Rio, making GWS’s Safeture a must-have application for visitors.  GWS has taken extra steps to increase the safety of Olympics travelers by providing detailed information about Rio de Janeiro, as well as by introducing a map with hospitals, pharmacies, favelas and public transportation points city wide.

On this site you will find an excerpt of all the information available in the app.

Travel Safe!

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